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Formosa Side Consoles

* Sail Away

A side console gives you an open fishing platform with full access to the portside and a large open area for storing equipment. The low console also provides less wind resistance, increases your viewing capacity on the water and is easier to store if your garage height is at a premium. The side console is ideal for navigating inlets slowly, to help with this, Formosa provides an Electric Motor Mount as a standard feature on this model. The forward casting deck has been designed high allowing storage for a 70L icebox or water tank underdeck, to help keep your fishing area clear of obstructions. The casting deck is built with a strong aluminium structure and a drainage system around the hatch to keep the storage bay dry in case of rain. With strength and practicality in mind, Formosa has designed an aluminium console to fit flat screen electronics, a curved windscreen, large storage shelf and heavy-duty grab rails for all your aftermarket accessories.

Boat Details
  • Make: Formosa
  • Name: Side Consoles
  • Model Number: N/A
  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 4.95 metres
  • Hull Material: Aluminium Plate
  • Hull Type: SRT Hull
  • Passenger Capacity: 5-7
  • Boat Usage: N/A
  • Steering: Side Console
  • Warranty: Contact Dealer

The Driver Sliding Seat is an innovative design, allowing the driver to reposition the seat, sliding along the side pocket, to allow more deck space while fishing off the back. A heavy-duty tackle box is fitting under the seat. With this model, you also get a Pedestal Pole Seat for the passenger and extra seat positions for versatility. Standard on a Side Console are two (2) embroidered folding seats with slide, battery bay, a large aluminium bowroller, 32mm handrails, Tow-Catch™ Trailer capabilities, heavy-duty dive ladder, quality steering, moulded fuel tank and sender with filter, automatic bilge pump, transom deck tread, foam-filled hull, electrical harness kit, 2 cleats, 4 aluminium rod holders (635 and 675 have 6), forward bollard, white painted sides and interior and Formosa graphics, plus more. Formosa boats are known for their stability, yet the Quad4™ Water Ballast option is available on each boat if more stability at rest is needed in rough seas. Popular options include a Low-profile Bait Board and Transom Live Well.

Scroll through the following table to view information related to all side console models.

495 525 565 595 635 675
Length 4.95m 5.25m 5.65m 5.95m 6.35m 6.75m
Beam 2.30m 2.40m 2.45m 2.45m 2.50m 2.50m
Bottom Sheets 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 5mm 5mm
Side Sheets 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm
Internal Freeboard (Floor to Gunnel approx. mm) 600mm 660mm 660mm 660mm 720mm 720mm
Fuel Capacity 80L 115L 150L 200L 220L 220L
Transom Shaft Length ExL/S ExL/S ExL/S ExL/S ExL/S ExL/S
Dry Hull Weight (kg Boat only approx) 580 710 770 820 900 950
Max Horsepower* 115 140 150 175 200 225
Min Horsepower* (may vary depending on motor brand) 70 90 115 130 150 175
Deadrise (Degrees) 16 19 19 19 19 19
Max Passengers* 5 5 6 7 7 7
Formosa SRT is a skilfully engineered and designed plate boat. Formosa has packaged the very best designs from their previous brands, SEA-ROD and Tomahawk, and developed one exceptional hull. The SRT Hull is full of functionality, strength, good looks, safety and value, all key factors to consider when purchasing a boat. Read more about Formosa’s SRT Hull features on the Quality Build page.

Select a PRO DECK™ UPGRADE on boat sizes 495 to 635 for Formosa’s Aluminium True Self-draining Deck. Boats 675 and larger come standard with PRO DECK™. Formosa’s PRO DECK™ allows water to drain off the deck and out through the Formosa scupper system. A great option in case of heavy seas, a wave hits or just washing down the deck at home. Choose between PRO DECK™ Carpeted Aluminium floor with marine-grade carpet for cool comfort underfoot, or PRO DECK™ Checker Plate Aluminium Floor. Visit our Safety & Performance page for more on Formosa’s true self-draining decks.

The innovative step-down ‘Active Transom’ has smart storage solutions, easy on-board battery access and continues to be the best in transom design and water access on the market. With the Active Transom, you can choose from four options, Full Access, Dual Access, Single Access and Closed Access. Full Access and Dual Access are available for 525-635 models only. Single Access is standard on boat models.

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